Remote Telemedicine for Patients with Reumatologic Conditions Monitoring and Health Observation

Platform for telemonitoring, specialist telemedicine and telehealth aimed at patients with chronic diseases. Enables management of their state of health and the optimization of the therapy.


  • Public health organization (Region)

Needs and objectives

Telemedecin Project:  The need for a computerized network for the clinical support-care and monitoring of patients in treatment of rheumatoid diseases; for their continuous monitoring, integrating among the objectives the improvement of communication between the stakeholders of the system (patients, nurses, rheumatologists).

Proposed Solution  

  • The software developed for the project allows patient registration by the specialist using touch technologies (tablet and/or totem touch-screen). From that moment on, every patient has the possibility to interact with the specialist center, all through a single platform through which are collected outcomes (pain, functional disability, disease activity as well as adherence to treatment); the same platform allows the sending of an automatic alert, in the way defined by a specific algorithm, to competent authorities.
  • In a subsequent step the platform will provide access to personal data by means of a card (RHEUMACARD) so that the patient, the General Practitioner (MMG – Medico di Medicina Generale)  and other specialists in rheumatology will be able to view the status of the patient with the variations in their condition over time.
  • The specific App will allow nurses to collect data during home visits with a tablet and  subsequently sync the data with the system.

Innovative Features

  • The project relies on web-based and mobile technologies to facilitate adoption, reduce costs and increase integration with technologies and existing devices. For each process stakeholder a dedicated service has been designed:
  • Patients → Remote access to the system via the web interface (PC/mobile), for telemonitoring
  • Nurses → tablet and specific app for mobile use (offline) during home visits
  • Doctors → local access via browser/mobile for the compilation of dossiers

Target Results

  • 140 patients enrolled, 500 forecast in 1 year (only on AR).
  • 20% reduction in outpatient visits and consequent increase in satisfaction for the patient (specifically relative to the reduction in travel) and economic savings for the National Health Service (SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale).
  • Positive perception for the adoption of a system that is technologically advanced.
  • Improvement of doctor-patient communication.

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