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Computer Engineering for health care

Today AdvicePharma develops and provides companies with the most comprehensive IT platforms on the IT market, as well as knowledge of the latest trends and technologies available.
Organizations must ensure the timely implementation of strategic activities, remotely optimizing support chains, and informed control of activities must be at the heart of the company’s software.

Our approach

One of AdvicePharma’s goals has always been to create value by offering customers the maximum benefits through software and hardware development for solutions dedicated to them. The custom software for us is similar to the work of a tailor who “sews a tailor-made suit”.
When a company decides to tackle a custom software development project, it has specific needs, and usually does not find solutions on the market that fully satisfy them. In these cases, we know how to accompany and lead the client in the important phase of needs analysis, clarifying and defining the processes that will have to be managed. Our goal is to create a project plan that takes into account the terms defined by the client (budget, timing, etc.) and maximizes the expected results.

First method: preliminary analysis

The first method involves a very accurate analysis phase, carried out through interviews with the key figures of the project, both external (e.g.: doctors) and internal (e.g.: internal to the company), followed by the drafting of a document describing the objectives, critical issues, timescales, activities and associated costs. In other words, a sustainable solution suitable for the requirements analysed is designed. Through the sharing with the client of what has been described, we make the necessary changes to the solution and after approval we start the development and implementation phase of the project, monitoring milestones and outputs.

Second method: Agile

The second mode, called “agile”, however, provides for a preliminary analysis phase but development begins immediately and the customer is delivered quickly and periodically working prototypes on which, thanks to its indications and tests, we proceed with the enrichment of functionality and bug fixing.

Application as a service and Innovations

Some projects involve the development of vertical skills that often belong to the AdvicePharma network. From these, synergies are born with our clients destined to create successful partnerships. In recent years, in fact, unique and innovative projects have been implemented that have led to the publication of results, or the development of strategic algorithms to achieve specific objectives.

Advice Pharma is an Italian company that develops technologies and services for the management of data and information in the medical-scientific sector. The company mission is to develop and provide quality services, through the selection of the best technological and human resources.

TUV Certificazione

AdvicePharma has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope: Design and development of information systems for collection and statistical processing of data of clinical and epidemiological trial in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field. Design and provision of consultancy services for clinical and epidemiological trials in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field. (IAF 33, 35)

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