Business Economics

Data and the information to decide, at your fingertips

Business Economics allows the commercial management to control sales and stocks of the distributors products at a global level. Through customizable filters, authorized personnel can extract reports in real time pertaining to projections of sales for the products of interest.

Business Economics is a Business Intelligence platform from Advice Pharma that focuses on the management of the information collected by the distributors and from local branches and is particularly crucial for managerial persons who have the responsibility for making decisions.

Business Economics represents a valid instrument to obtain more effective management of the information. The Advice Pharma platform provides:

  • Data collection;
  • Cleaning, validation and integration of data;
  • Processing, aggregation and analysis of data;
  • Use this information in the decision-making processes of the company.

The steps of collecting, cleaning, validation, integration and aggregation are performed automatically and allow the transformation of data into information and to store this information. making it available and presentable in a simplified and effective form, so as to be able to provide support to the decision-making process of the company.

The main objective achieved with the Business Economics platform is to provide the data needed to make the decision-making process more aware and efficient. Business Economics is an application for query and reporting; inclusive of numerous dashboards and integrable with data mining solutions, i.e. the set of techniques that enable the extrapolation of knowledge starting from a large amount of data and operational use of such knowledge; owns a data warehouse, i.e. an archive of computerised data useful for allowing easy analysis and reports to support business decisions.

The benefits of Business Economics

This information technology is designed to support the processes of measurement, control and analysis of business performance and, above all, support the company’s decision processes under conditions of uncertainty. On the Business Economics platform data are collected and processed in order to support, in a concrete way, those who occupy directional roles in taking decisions. The portal has in fact, the objective of allowing those who have the task of taking tragic decisions, to do so on the basis of information and accurate data which is constantly updated.

The advantages obtained with Business Economics are many, among which:

  • A reduction in the time required and an improvement on a global level in the decision-making processes of the company, both tactical and strategic;
  • A significant increase in operational efficiency where professionalism and efficiency move hand in hand;

The platform also allows you to identify any issues with the company and, above all, ensures an adequate support in change and consequent adjustment to new business dynamics.

Advice Pharma is an Italian company that develops technologies and services for the management of data and information in the medical-scientific sector. The company mission is to develop and provide quality services, through the selection of the best technological and human resources.

TUV Certificazione

AdvicePharma has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope: Design and development of information systems for collection and statistical processing of data of clinical and epidemiological trial in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field. Design and provision of consultancy services for clinical and epidemiological trials in the pharmaceutical and biomedical field. (IAF 33, 35)

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