European Data Protection: news in the pharmaceutical and health field

European Data Protection: news in the pharmaceutical and health field Organized by Advice Pharma Group in collaboration with LS Accademy On March 6, 2018, at the Polihub Bovisa – Politecnico di Milano, Milan

The event focuses on the discussion on the changes brought about by the new General Data Protection Regulation (Gdpr), legislation with which the European Commission intends to strengthen and unify the protection of personal data within the borders of the European Union. The objective of the EU is to substantially modify several aspects of data collection, processing and retention. All companies within the EU will also have to adapt to the new rules on the processing of personal data, the management of information security and compliance processes and contractual relations. During the event organized at the PoliHub, the business incubator of the Politecnico di Milano, the following topics of the legislation will be discussed: structure, principles, impacts on the organization, on the IT sector and on the management of clinical research; Data Protection Officier, Data Protection Impact Assessment, certifications, extra-EU data transfer, sanctions, etc.

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